Electronic pedicure file
Electronic pedicure file

Electronic pedicure file

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Electronic file for pedicure + Bio Calming Ointment 60ml

Easy to use : Electronic file with an innovative design that offers the best removal of thick skin in less time. Get an instant exfoliation! Easy to hold with a comfortable and ergonomic handle. Enhanced security lock button protects against accidental power on of unit.

Includes 3 Diamond rollers : three types of coarse, medium and fine scraping heads, gently and effectively remove rough dead skin and calluses. The thick scraping head is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with severe keratin. The medium scraping head is suitable for sports enthusiasts. The fine scraping head is suitable for young women with slightly thick skin or daily care.

Low speed is suitable for meticulous skin care. High speed is suitable for thick dead skin.

Ergonomic non-slip handle ensures comfort, wear-resistant material is not easy to scratch, unique massage design, lightweight design is easy to carry for travel.

1200MA lithium battery, with USB charging, it can be fully charged after 3-4 hours of charging, and it can be used continuously for 3-4 hours after fully charged.

Amai Hana Advice: After using the electronic file, apply the Bio Calming Ointment formulated to accelerate healing processes on cracked skin and protect the area by creating an antiseptic barrier. Unctuous in consistency, it turns into an oil to the touch. Medium absorption, depending on the condition of the skin. Indicated for dry, punished or damaged skin.

Product presentation : The product is shipped in its original box.

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